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Brookline PAX Endorsements
November 6, 2012 Presidential Election

Brookline PAX enthusiastically endorses Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate and Joe Kennedy for Congress, Cynthia Creem for State Senator and Frank Smizik for State Representative in the November 6 election. Warren's and Kennedy's election is especially crucial for our nation's future to ward against the steady rightward movement of the national GOP reflected in the U.S. Congress.

Elizabeth Warren has long supported middle class people. As a candidate, in her work in Washington, and as a lawyer and law professor, Warren has proven herself a leading consumer advocate. She has a strong history of reining in abuse by banks and corporations and defending families driven into bankruptcy, that parallels PAX's support for people over corporations. She recognizes a vital role for government in providing educational opportunities and in investing in research and infrastructure needed for economic prosperity. Warren is a strong and responsible voice  for the general public, as well as a strong advocate for effective government regulation and for transparency both in government and in corporate political spending.

Joe Kennedy, too, strongly supports working and middle class people and understands government's vital role in sustaining economic growth and local communities. Still in his thirties, Joe has already made a career of pursuing justice and standing up for people whose rights are often overlooked. He is well-prepared to continue the tradition of public service established by his father, grandfather and great uncles. We look forward to his becoming a strong voice in Washington for PAX's core values.

Long-time PAX endorsees State Senator Cynthia Creem and State Representative Frank Smizik are both worthy of your vote and both running unopposed.

For fifty years, Brookline PAX has opposed wars from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan and actively supported humane government as well as open and publicly financed elections. The Supreme Court ruling "Citizens United" makes it imperative that PAX and Brookline voters support candidates like Warren and Kennedy who will fight for all the people?not just for large corporations, unaccountable lobbyists, and the super-rich.

Frank Farlow & Marty Rosenthal, Co-chairs, Brookline PAX
617-232-9654 & 617-738-6621

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