"...thoroughly enjoyable, well-written with just the right combination of politics and romance. The relationship between Hammersmith and Erica is...delicately done....the final outcome is believable and indeed reasonable, (showing the) 'banality of evil'....I hope more people get a chance to read it."
-Howard Zinn, activist and author of "A People's History of the United States" and many other  books and articles
 "As timely today as ever. Briskly paced (with an) accurate view of both our politics and our entire culture, along with the dynamics of how mental health institutions function....Erica is an irresistible character, sexy and tough as nails!
- Matthew Dumont, psychiatrist and  author of "The Absurd Healer"; former Mother Jones columnist as "Hugh Drummond"
 "A fun political thriller and steamy love story...good read which I highly recommend"
-Julie Johnson, co-chair of Brookline (Mass) PAX
 "...absolutely terrific read....I was deeply moved by it. Hope for more from (Chipman)"
-Ernest "Tony" Winsor. attny. at Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
 "Two thumbs up! I'm in awe of (Chipman's) description of scenes...high humor..the many subthemes woven in...Great writing...incredibly crafted..and totally amazing political satire, all working together perfectly. Bravo!
-Jean Ratner, Clinical Social Worker and founder of The Center For Travel Anxiety

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