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Estelle Katz Honored with Brookline PAX Lifetime Achievement Award

On Sunday, December 23, Brookline PAX proudly presented the organization's Ethel Halperin Lifetime Achievement Award to Estelle Katz, an Advisory Committee member as well as a long-time Town Meeting Member from Precinct 7.

In a Estelle's home, Brookline PAX honored Ms. Katz "for her steadfast efforts to improve the Town of Brookline—as a former Selectman, a Town Meeting Member of 42 years, a 22-year member of the Advisory Committee, founder and former chair of the Commission for Women. She is also a Democratic State Committee member. and Brookline PAX board member for more than two decades."

Estelle’s niece, Fredda made a video, ~ 16 mins., of the ceremony, including Estelle singing St. Louis Blues accompanied by the great Winiker brothers who came and played as a tribute.

Estelle was elected to the Board of Selectmen in a hotly contested election in 1985 at a critical time in Brookline's history when affordable housing and property tax rates dominated the town's political debate. She served as the Board's Chair from May, 1987-1988, leaving an indelible mark on town government, including creating Brookline's Commission on the Status of Women, now known as the Committee for Women. Even though her term as Selectmen ended in 1988, she remains a vital force in Brookline town government especially on the Advisory Committee's Human Sevices Subcommittee, which oversees budgets for Council on Aging, Health, Human Relations Youth/Resources, Library, and Veterans' Services departments. In her role as one of Brookline's Democratic State Committee Women, she is an influential and well-respected leader in state Democratic politics.

Frank Farlow
Martin R. Rosenthal

Here are the Winikers....

Listen to the speeches and hear Estelle sing St. Louis Blues.