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Excellent Public Education — Brookline PAX is committed to the public schools. PAX and the political candidates it supports have a proven record in support of public education, from early childhood through graduate school.

Excellent Public Services — PAX supports continued state and local investment in quality municipal services such as police, fire protection, public health, libraries, schools, parks, recreation, and public works, as well as state services such as social services, transportation and environmental protection. PAX and its candidates pursue policies of support for basic human needs, including healthcare for all, affordable housing and services for both children and senior citizens.

Respect for Public Employees and Organized Labor — PAX stands up for fair labor practices and for policies that show respect for the dedicated people whose competence and commitment make Brookline and this Commonwealth work.

Respect for the Environment — PAX is committed to keeping Brookline and this Commonwealth livable and environmentally responsible by supporting recycling, energy conservation, the maintenance and enhancement of parks, playgrounds, and green space, and sound environmental regulation.

Diversity, Social Justice, and Peace — PAX works to preserve and protect ethnic and economic diversity and social and economic justice for all, through affordable housing, universal health care, and all fundamental civil rights and liberties. We respect the human rights of all people, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or location; and we support multilateral solutions to international affairs. We oppose the unilateral use of force, except (a) when applied defensively under international law when clear and convincing evidence exists of a serious and imminent threat of aggression, and then (b) only force that is no more than commensurate with the magnitude of the threat.

Brookline PAX Board 2017

Co-chairs: Martin Rosenthal and Neil Gordon   Treasurer: Gary Jones


Board Members


Catherine  Anderson
John Bassett
Craig Bolon
Edith Brickman
Nelson Brill
John Businger
Abram Chipman
Susan Chipman
Susan Cohen
Susan Ellis
Andrew Fischer
Phyllis Giller
Jane Gilman

Rachel Goodman

John Harris
Paul Harris
Regina Healy
Nancy Heller
Chobee Hoy
Gilbert Hoy
Julia Johnson
David Klafter
Bobbie Knable
Virginia LaPlante
Mark Levy
Harry Margolis*
Rebecca Mautner*
Rita McNally

Puja Mehta
Bob Miller*
Tony Naro*Frank Smizik
Diana Spiegel
Stanley Spiegel
Naomi Sweitzer*
Dwaign Tyndal
Judith Vanderkay*
Kea van der Ziel
Tommy Vitolo*
Donald Weitzman
Sarah Wunsch


*Recently elected

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